Offshore Mariculture Conference 2016

The 6th Offshore Mariculture Conference, an international two-day conference focused on the offshore fish farming business, will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 6-7 April 2016.

The organiser of the 2016 Offshore Mariculture Conference (OMC) is pleased to confirm that Alessandro Lovatelli who is an Aquaculture Officer for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), will chair next year’s event, the 6th in the series.  

Lovatelli, who also chaired the last OMC held in Naples in 2014, said “Global fish production from aquaculture is supplying over 50% of the fish we eat. With concerns over the availability of resources such as freshwater we need to focus on producing better. The open sea is out there ready to be conquered. Are we succeeding in doing this? Can we produce more sustainably? Can we do it economically?  I am pleased to have been invited to chair the 2016 Offshore Mariculture Conference at which these and other key issues facing the mariculture sector will be addressed”. 

The programme will cover a range of topics including:  

Supply Chain – Farming, Feed, Technology, Processing, value added 
Unexplained mortality: improving survival rates and increasing profits
High Energy sites v. Offshore sites 
Emerging markets and technologies
Knowledge sharing – farming practises in Northern Europe v. Southern Europe

De Miércoles, 6 Abril, 2016 hasta Jueves, 7 Abril, 2016